Wife of Lagos commissioner posts self-destructive message

Hadiza Abdullateef, the spouse of Lagos commssioner for Home Affairs Archives, Dr. Abdul-Hakeem Abdul-Lateef, has left Nigerians in stun with a self-destructive message.

The third spouse of the Lagos State Commissioner shared the self-destructive message in the early long periods of Tuesday on her Instagram page.

The mother of two, who as of late bagged a Masters degree from the Coventry University, U.K, be that as it may, did not express the purpose behind the self-destructive message.

The message reads: “I’m simply tired of everything and I wish it was a sin to end your life. I simply need to leave this world.”

It will be reviewed that the team got hitched on July 9, 2014, couple of months before the Commissioner wedded his fourth spouse who is likewise Hadiza’s companion.

It has been accounted for that it was Hadiza who begged her husband to wed her and her companion, Rekihat, with the goal that she would have a mate.

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