Why my dad rejected me from birth – Chika Ike

Nollywood performing artist, Chika Ike has uncovered how she was dismissed by her dad from birth since he needed a male child.

The performing artist, who as of late discharged a book, has uncovered what persuaded her into composing the book.

In a post on Instagram, She stated, “I was rejected from birth by my dad since he didn’t need a young lady. Along these lines, it (that segment) discusses me, my difficulties growing up and the dismissal I looked from my family. The book additionally discusses the business world since individuals think I like cash”.

”Indeed, they might be correct in light of the fact that I grew up with nothing and would prefer not to be a disappointment and I generally drive myself to succeed. I need to move myself to be some person individuals figured I can never be.

“In the business world (segment), I discuss how to have a fruitful business. I went to Harvard Business School. Harvard Business School was a platform for me since I wound up in a live with experts – huge individuals who run worldwide organizations – sitting among business magnates. I discussed traps and how to maintain an effective business.

Chika Ike likewise featured the significance of the general public in human’s presence. To maintain an effective business realm goes past immense cash, she clarified.

“When I was in Harvard Business School, the initial two weeks was about individual contextual analyses and self-improvement. I was given a mentor and I resembled I didn’t come here to discuss my family and my life. In any case, the school specialist understands that before you can be effective in your business you should manage the home front first.

I talked such a great amount about my life, family and how I was dismissed by my dad who was a decent spouse and father to every one of his youngsters. In any case, I didn’t have a decent association with him growing up.

”I learnt early that you need to battle for yourself on the grounds that by the day’s end, it is only you. I discussed my dad, my mom and my kin.”

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