The Promise of My Blind Girl.

My name is Levi, please i need help because my heart is bleeding.

There is this beautiful girl my area, her name is Verity. I so much love her with all my heart that i want to spend the rest of my life with her. My family and friends advised me to stay away from her because of her blindness, that she can’t see and do anything good with her life but my ears are under my feet. She so much hate herself and everything around her because she could not see, but she is so much in love with me. So one lovely evening, she made a promise which breaks my bones ‘she say, the very day she will see me with her eyes will be the day she will marry me’. I was so excited because my dream is coming through,so i donate my eyes to her without consulting anybody and with the hope that i have found a soulmate, after the successful operation, her sight was restored and she discovered that am blind too. So i asked her with a lovely voice ‘Verity, now that u can see that am blind, will you still marry me? She loudly answer

NO, she can’t marry a blind man. I cry in pains  and walk away, the only words i could remember from my mouth then was ‘Please dear take very good care of my eyes.

Please what will do now, should i collect my eyes back or leave it for her?


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