Tears in Army Depot Zaria

Tears in Army Depot Zaria

The cry of our youths have increase in this country, as many hope of the gallant youths have be push to the street from the Nigeria Army Depot Zaria.

It’s a painful situation as about Three Hundred (300) youths have be dismiss from the Army Depot zaria on Wednesday 18th Oct . This soon to be Officers of the Nigeria Army was given intensive training for 5months in the depot with the hope of starting a new life after passing out. They are to undergo 6months training and they have be in the Depot for 5months, just remaining 1month to the break of a new life, their hope were cut short. The tragedy happen without any notice, many of this dismiss able men were left stranded in the street of zaria, kaduna state.

Many are asking different questions, what could have be the reason for this action. Even if the men are not qualify then why were they admitted and was kept in the Military Facility for so long and why were they given military training for 5months. The knowledge they gained in the depot which aspect of life do we expect them to practice it. Please lets speak the truth…….


What is your option about this situation?

2 thoughts on “Tears in Army Depot Zaria

  1. Beautiful, God bless n rich nation wit corrupt leaders malhandling a system dat is supposed to be smoothly run fr d interest of d common masses so dat dey can av a beta lyf, oly to c dat d long awaited new day to come has bin trap down nva to come by d invisible evil hands of d corrupt leaders!!!
    May God help our Bless nation to produce go fruits…

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