My Pretty Neighbor Infect Me With Staphylococcus How Do I Tell Her To Treat Herself

I rented a house so I move into the new house last month and things have been moving very well for me. So much stress and I had spent a lot of money arranging my apartment and moving stuffs. So, just two weeks staying in my new house my neighbor came to greet me(as new neighbor things) I was very happy because she was pretty and she is of my age group. I welcome her to come in, this happened around 10:30am,  I entertained her with drink and we were gisting about so many things and she was telling me about the compound.

I discovered that she was just the type of girl  I want, she calm and brilliant. We talked about the tenants that left the house and she told me my house was beautiful. I was excited, I said finally all the stress of moving my stuffs was worth it. She left by 6:00 pm that day. The next day, I saw her washing her clothes outside so I approached her, we greeted and she asked me if I’ve eaten. I said no so she said she cooked white rice and stews and she would bring for me. She arrived with the food, I say to myself she will make a good wife oo. We were both eating till she said let her feed me. Like joke like play I’d feed her and she’d feed me. Before I close my eyes and open it we were already kissing and romancing.

I wasn’t prepared and I was’t with any condom but I felt this girl was pure and innocent. She probably just likes me. So I rush her clothes off her and we had sex. I swore to myself I won’t come on time or get tired so at least she would know that am a real man and come back for more.
We enjoyed ourselves, we were excited and I know she enjoyed it as well, she held my two hands and we were stack Unclad gisting for about 20 minutes staring at each others eyes.
So she later went home.

Three days after the war started, I went to ease myself only to see white pus from my Johnson that morning. I was so scared. My heart started troubling me and I rushed to my phone I googled it and I got things like UTI, gonorrhea, staph, HIV. I was really scared. I called her, she came and she was normal. I didn’t open up to her about it. I just wanted to find out if she purposely gave it to me but she seemed like she didn’t know. I travelled home to see my mum.
I went carry out test  and I spent about 5k for urethral swab, blood test and urine analysis.

When the result of the test came out, I tested positive to Staphylococcus. I was so angry at myself for not using a condom and the same time relieved that it was negative for HIV. I spent a total of 10k on drugs and injection and I came back home. On my way coming I bought five packs of condom in case.

I over love this girl and she love me too but I wasted one week treating the staph without telling her and if I tell her now she would see me as a bad person and I don’t know how she would react if I tell her she gave it to me. I’m really confused because I don’t want to lose her. My mind is telling me not to inform her and I should continue using condom ( she’s very sweet) but I love her and I don’t want it to be embarrassment to her because she may decide not to give me sex again. I’m confused now.

Please for Adult and matured minds okay. Its really important, I need your advice.


3 thoughts on “My Pretty Neighbor Infect Me With Staphylococcus How Do I Tell Her To Treat Herself

  1. Brother since u rlly luv her,I advice u to tell her d truth bcos luv don’t lie or kip secret!!! Even if she wil b angry, at least,u tell her d truth!!!!!

    Afterwards, take her fr testing n let her commence treatment too bcos u can’t treat oly urself. Why? bcos u stil av d intention of meeting her sexually n no mata hw u treat urself n b usin condom,u r nt doin urself gud bcos d infection Wil com back again (provided u guys r meeting)……

    So plz tell her d truth n both of u should start treatment!!!!!!!

    Thanks n wishin u speedy recovery brother!!!!

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