My Husband Threatened To Stab Me With a Knife – Woman Crying In Court

A desperate Nigerian woman begged a court in the Ikorodu region, Lagos State, to dissolve her marriage after her husband threatened her with death.

The president of the court, Mrs. Funmi Adeola, ordered Taiwo to pay her ex-wife N5,000 as a monthly food allowance for the six children of the union, and to be responsible for the other expenses..

The court did everything in its power to reconcile the union, but the petitioner insisted on separation.A customary Ikorodu court in Lagos on Wednesday granted a stay-at-home wife, Yetunde, for her 27-year marriage to an electrician, Taiwo Salami, to be dissolved.

I do not want to die; I am psychologically low and this man made me develop high blood pressure. they should not be affected by your separation.I urge both of you to take care of your children.

The payment of food allowances must be made by this honorable court, she said.

Yetunde said her husband had threatened to stab her with a knife if she tried to leave him.

The 46-year-old petitioner who resides in the Agunfoye region of Ikorodu urged the court to disband the union because her husband was too angry

The 50-year-old husband had begged the court to reconcile and protect the union.

I pray this court and all those present here to appeal to it; I’ll always take things easy with her now, \he pleaded.\His bad ways led to the removal of my teeth and because of constant fighting, I was forced to flee our home. I also lost my teaching position, she said.


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