Kaduna crisis: Goni Gora inhabitants express shock over El-Rufai’s alleged threat to evacuate them

Following governor El-Rufai’s threat to demolish Gonin Gora community for supposedly blocking and executing of individualson the road by youths amid crisis in Kaduna, occupants of Goni Gora have communicated stun over the ongoing articulation by the governor to migrate the occupants of the area.

Review that governor El-Rufai had during a Hausa radio program undermined to clear and move Gonin-Gora, a community with well more than 500,000 occupants if the young people in the region additionally endeavor to block Kaduna-Abuja expressway and assault honest travellers.

The supposed threat by the governor created controversies as occupants of Goni Gora asked why the governor needed to limit the threat to their community.

Tending to newsmen at the royal residence of the late Sarkin Gonin Gora in the interest of the pioneers and elders of Gonin-Gora and environs, the Sarkin Yaki Gora, Mr Simon Bijeh stated, Gonin Gora inhabitants were peaceful during the last crisis, including that the governor’s pronouncement is an endeavor to give puppy an awful name with the end goal to hang it.

The content of the briefing mutually signed by Alhaji Baba Ali (Dallatun Gonin Gora), John Auta (Ciroman Gonin Gora) Sule Fulani (Wakilin Fulani) and Zakka Auta (Wakilin Atyap) stated, “Tragically that while the shared conflict was going ahead at Kasuwan Magani and later overflowed to Kaduna and environs, bits of gossip were at that point being sold in a few territories of the town that killings, mounting of barricades and assaults of blameless drivers and additionally seizing of bystanders were going on unabated in Gonin-Gora.

“In fact, all these false charges and bits of gossip are not new or unusual news to the general population of Gonin-Gora as this has dependably been the situation at whatever point inconvenience is in the offing or had begun in any piece of Kaduna town.

“What unfolded as a general rule is that all through the rough conflict on the eighteenth October, 2018 at Kasuwan Magani and its ensuing overflow to Kaduna and environs on twentieth, 21st and 22nd separately, Gonin-Gora and its environs stayed cool and quiet.

“It is with regards to these substances that we in Gonin-Gora are confounded and stunned by the detailed dangers of His Excellency, Governor Nasir El-Rufai to devastate as well as clear the Gonin-Gora settlement by virtue of viciousness to and attack of voyagers which, to the best of our insight never at any point happened amid this emergency.

“We are certain that it is either that the representative has been misguided or foolish by individuals never going to budge on giving Gonin-Gora an awful and violent name with the end goal to hang it,” he clarified.

“Without a doubt, amid this strained period, the acting Sarkin Gonin-Gora and his ward makes a beeline for the occupants, and the young people, specifically, to keep quiet and honest. It remained so until Friday, 26th October, 2018 when news about the killing of Agom Adara began coursing.

“On that game changing day, obscure to the administration of the Gonin-Gora people group, a bunch of blackguards around Buwaya out of unadulterated evil brought the law into their hands by mounting a barrier instantly after the bye-pass overhead extension originating from the toll entryway from Abuja.

“This happened to be at about a similar time that His Excellency, Governor Nasir El-Rufai and his escort were originating from the bearing of Abuja where he experienced numerous drivers that had been gotten up to speed by the twenty-four-hour time limitation that had been forced and also the off the cuff blockage mounted by the lowlifes.

“On achieving the spot with his caravan and different drivers trailing behind him, the governor halted and requested the police to destroy it to permit the drivers go into Kaduna town.

“The initiative of Gonin-Gora people group wish to repeat the network’s made plans to advance quiet concurrence, common understanding and interfaith solidarity not just inside the Gonin-Gora settlement and environs yet with all our neighboring settlements.

“Our pioneers will proceed with our proactive mediations in instructing our adolescents and every single other individual from our locale on the power of the support of peace, consistence with legitimate request and the quest for genial between shared and interfaith,” they guaranteed.

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