El-Rufai Releases Teachers’ Test Scripts To Public.

Governor Nasir El-Rufai yesterday shared a few scripts of the four primary competency test conducted for primary school teachers on his personal Twitter handle.

While sharing some scripts with the names of the teachers covered, he said: We put them in the court of public opinion for the Nigerians to deliver their verdict. Here are some of the main skills test scripts for primary school teachers in Kaduna State. Should these teachers be allowed to teach our children?

Here are some of the questions in Teaching Principle: Explain Briefly (a) Presentation of the Child-centered Lesson (b) Two Significance of a Lesson Plan for the Child Teacher (c) Two Qualities of Teacher Aids (d) Two Important Parts of a Lesson Plan.

The questions under Compromise and Summary include (1) List two financial crimes, (2) What does EFCC do? (3) What is the function of the ICPC? (4) Summarize the major role of the Code of Conduct Bureau.

The government then unveiled its plan to fire more than 21,000 teachers who failed the test and is now seeking 25,000 new and qualified teachers to replace them..In June 2017, the state government took the proficiency test, which found that 21,780 of the 33,000 teachers had failed

This state government initiative has provoked mixed reactions from both sides and provoked protests from students, teachers and unions.

But Governor El-Rufai has maintained that there would be no going back on the education reforms.


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