Brief Profile of Hon Hassan Muhammadu

Hon Hassan Muhammadu is currently chairing the Board of a non-governmental organization, Muhammdu Anchau Foundation, supporting education and sustainable development, a company limited by guarantee, with head office in Gombe.

He was appointed a member of the Gombe State Government Team of Focal Persons by Governor Danjuma Goje to coordinate the implementation of World Bank Assisted Community based Poverty Reduction Program in 2003, which succeeded in establishing the World Bank Assisted Community Based Poverty Alleviation Program, now Community Social Development Project. I was also a member of the Committee inaugurated by His Excellency, the Governor of Gombe State, to coordinate and ensure compliance of the State with the needs and requirements of the European Development Fund assisted State Poverty Reduction Program of the European Commission in 2007.

Hassan Muhammadu sat on the Inter-Ministerial Technical Committee for the Review of Nigeria’s Trade Policy formed by the Honorable Minister for Commerce & Industry in 2007.

He was a member of the Ministerial Committee for the Restructuring of the Abuja Investment Company Limited (2009), the preeminent investment arm of the Federal Capital Territory Administration.

He was a member of the Special Committee on Revenue Generation and Economic Development inaugurated by His Excellency, Alhaji Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo, OON, in May 2011 to review revenue generation processes and to make recommendations on the prospects of the State’s economic development.

He was also a member of several other special committees, established by His Excellency, the Governor, including his Economic Team for the to review the Finances of the State and for the enunciation of development blueprint for the Talba Administration.

He hold’s 33 Traditional and Chieftaincy titles given to me in recognition of services rendered to humanity and communities across Gombe State.

Hassan Muhammadu is the Present Commisioner of Finance Gombe State, Nigeria.