BREAKING: 2019 Decision: Red Card Movement endorse Atiku, overlooks Ezekwesili

Ahead of the forthcoming presidential race, the Red Card Movement, RCM, has supported Alhaji Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, as its presidential competitor.

RCM clarified that Abubakar was a prepared specialist who comprehends administration, including that the PDP presidential applicant was not an innate or ethnic narrow minded person.

The development likewise disassociated itself from the previous Minister of Education and ex-Presidential applicant of the Allied Congress Party of Nigeria, ACPN, Oby Ezekwesili.

An announcement marked by Dr. Tony Akabuno, the co-administrator of RCM peruses: “RCM began in January 2018, through arrangement of tweets by Dr. Oby Ezekwesili, which were trailed by retweets and preferences. Thus, this extremely noticeable residents’ development, really began on tweeter. The thought was problematic, in light of the fact that a RED CARD was being waved at the two predominant political parties(APC and PDP).

“After Dr. Oby gathered the lady meeting of around ten co-conveners on January 9, 2018, the development’s participation has spread over the 36 states in addition to FCT, 774 LGA, wards , surveying units and foundations of higher learning. RCM really has troopers all over the place.

“We have vigorous structures over the states and LGA, due to the broad enrollment that has been finished by the state champions(leaders of RCM in the 36 states and FCT).

“Everything was running easily with the natives considering us to be a gathering that could birthing specialist another arrangement of authority. We facilitated Summit of the Alternatives (SOTA) with five different CSOs. After SOTA, residents were sitting tight for us to birth an alliance of options. Along the line, PACT came up and fizzled. The vast majority of the SOTA accomplices likewise recused themselves from the entire SOTA plan of supporting an alliance competitor of the options. As subjects were all the while hanging tight for RCM to prompt midwifing of an alliance of options, Dr. Oby joined the presidential race in October 2018. A few natives felt the birthing assistant abruptly turned into the child.

“Dr. Oby surrendered her authority and enrollment of RCM, to seek after her presidential aspiration. Upon her moving to one side with three other co-conveners, two co-seats were chosen to lead RCM.

“After a few fizzled endeavors by RCM, at midwifing an alliance of the options, our individuals that are on the ground (State champions) at a gathering with co-conveners, a week ago, settled that the essential center ought to be the means by which to guarantee that the present Buhari drove routine is VOTED OUT of intensity.

“The state champions affirmed that the truth of what is on the field(feedback from our structures and individuals in the States, LGA, Wards and surveying units) is that ONLY the resistance party(PDP) has the ability to oust Buhari. The state champions were fundamentally saying that our RED CARD ought to be to Buhari and the present president and to APC as the decision party. As the co-seat of RCM, I chose to line up with our infantrymen. Some co-conveners additionally bolstered this situation of concentrating on looking into the execution of the administration in power, and not be occupied with authentic execution of past routines.

“Some co-conveners were of the conclusion that we ought not get into any course of action with PDP. These ones proposed a “Siddon look approach”. They spoke to me, as one that is extremely near the state champions, to influence our pioneers over the alliance to cease from supporting the Atiku/Obi ticket. However, as a realistic political strategist and the people groups’ general, I had no way out than to dismiss the substandard contention of some co-coveners and unequivocally lined up with our state champions, who are in a state of harmony with the grassroots.

“We trust that it is nearsighted and self important fancy for anybody to feel that some other ideological group can remove this fizzled APC, aside from PDP.

“We feel that the individuals who deride His Excellency Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, are either desirous, disdainful or oblivious. This is a man that has NEVER been arraigned by any court of equipped purview anyplace on the planet. This is small time that has effective organizations and was a decent VP that directed a standout amongst the best monetary groups that Nigeria has ever collected under President Obasanjo.

“We as a whole know the established forces of a VP in Nigeria. The individuals who guarantee Atiku has flopped previously, are not true enough to realize that this man has NEVER been president previously. They reprimand Atiku however stay quiet on Obasanjo. That is clear affectation.

“Atiku is an effective representative that comprehends administration since he took in a ton from one of our extraordinary presidents, Obasanjo. What’s more, he has a running mate in the individual of Peter Obi, that has practicalized Character, Competence and Capacity. We are persuaded that Atiku drove routine will gather a decent supervisory crew and at last rebuild Nigeria.

“The coming decision will be a pivotal turning point in the political history of our nation. Buhari has bombed in the entirety of his cardinal projects of enhancing the economy, arrangement of sufficient security and battling defilement. He has rather been playing legislative issues with debasement. We can’t perform try different things with the administration. This isn’t about Buhari yet about the eventual fate of the nation. The inquiry is in the event that we need the norm to remain or on the off chance that we need a change.

“We the pioneers of RCM are not in uncertainty that Atiku/Obi ticket is the most strong brand that can send Buhari to Daura. We have come today to tell the world and our individuals, that the state champions, the co-seat (Dr.Tony Akabuno) and other co-conveners have DISSOCIATED FROM OBY EZEKWESILI, and today DECLARES SUPPORT FOR THE ATIKU/OBI PRESIDENCY.

“This choice is being made today, since we have to help salvage Nigeria. We are not individuals from PDP, but rather this is about Nigeria First.

“The primary work begins now, since we will continue soliciting until the battle stops. Our methodology will add more than 20 million votes to Atiku/Obi ticket. We recognize what to do, after this media preparation.

“It will be our bliss, if every other gathering presently not in CUPP can hold hands with Atiku/Obi to oust Buhari. Give us a chance to turn away any vote part. Our command is BUHARI MUST GO! This isn’t debatable.”

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