Bauchi Bye-Election: Dogara not permitted to vote

The speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, was refused from voting in the wake of arriving late at the polling station for Saturday’s Bauchi senatorial bye race.

Mr Dogara was at his nation home, Gwarangah, in Bogoro neighborhood government zone of Bauchi state days before the bye-race for Bauchi-South senatorial locale.

Having facilitated bolster for his favored hopeful, Mr Dogara neglected to turn up at the polling unit, which is close to his home.

Voting at the polling unit shut down at 2.20 p.m. in the midst of a malicious challenges by some angry youth who blamed INEC authorities for not permitting them make their choice.

The youth who all of a sudden appeared at Gwaranga primary school, where the surveying unit was found and nearly lynched a portion of the surveying authorities.

A portion of the youth said they were denied their voting appropriate on grounds that they were at the polling unit with transitory voters card.

Others demanded voting even after the conclusion of accreditation, saying they needed to go to their ranches first before going to the surveying focus.

Others said the surveying authorities must share the rest of the ticket papers among the gathering operators to cast their votes for their separate gatherings as they didn’t confide in the authorities leaving with unused tally papers.

It was amidst this strained circumstance that Mr Dogara in the long run went out to the surveying focus.

His landing additionally chafed the adolescent who started to dissent boisterously that they won’t acknowledge the authorities giving the speaker extraordinary treatment after they were denied the opportunity to cast their votes on grounds that they didn’t appear sufficiently early.

The speaker was seen sitting down to talk with authorities who disclosed to him that they had since quite a while ago shut accreditation and transmitted the outcome electronically to the INEC central command.

Mr Dogara later begged the group to be quiet.

He clarified even himself couldn’t vote. It required some investment to quiet frayed nerves.

Writers were savagely lynched for setting out to take photos of the spiteful circumstance.

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