APC competitor wins dubious Kogi bye-election

The candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Haruna Isah has been announced winner of Saturdays disputable Kogi Koto-Karfe Federal Constituency bye-decision held in Kogi State.

Review that the bye race, as indicated by reports, was damaged with vote purchasing, voting station grabbing, thuggery, shooting and executing of some gathering supporters.

In the last outcomes discharged by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the APC hopeful surveyed 11,078 to vanquish his nearest match, Engr Bashiru Abubakar of the PDP.

The African Democratic Congress (ADC) and the Social Democratic Party (SDP) came third and fourth surveying 977 and 433 votes separately.

The last outcome reported by INEC as acquired by DAILYPOST on Sunday is as per the following:

Accord = 31, ADC = 977, APC = 11,078, DA = 47, LP = 14, NPN = 10, NCP = 39, PDP = 7,094 and SDP = 433.

In the interim, the Coalition of every single Political Party that challenged the race have rejected the result, claiming badgering, terrorizing and disturbance of voting process in some surveying units.

In an announcement marked by Bode Ogumola, Comrade Ade Usman, Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and African Democratic Congress (ADC), individually, for the benefit of the coalition, including the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and made accessible to writers in Lokoja on Saturday, the coalition dismissed in totality the way the said decision was completed.

Depicting as ghastly the shooting did by speculated APC hooligans at Maigeri surveying units in lokoja, the gatherings noticed that the bye-race needed validity, and met minimal standard of electioneering anyplace on the planet.

The three political parties said that the election was described by the utilization of Security Agencies to upset the election.

The party called for by and large wiping out of the activity, charging that the State government authorities were given cover by the Police, SARS, to ensure political hooligans in police garbs to grab voting stations in practically all the polling units in the elected voting public.

The three parties, especially fingered the Kogi State Chief of Staff, Edward Onoja for supposedly utilizing security organizations, and hooligans to disturb election in most polling units in Lokoja.

They included that with the front of security offices, hooligans trucked away tallying stations and grabbed confines Paparanda, St Mary Primary School, Adankolo, Bishop Crowther Lokoja and a few different units in Kogi LGA amid the race.

While the parties fingered the Council’s Administrators of Kogi, Omala, Okene, Ijumu, among others as government authorities who executed savagery and utilized political hooligans and the security organizations to influence the bye-election to need validity, they blamed the ADC to representative Yahaya Bello and OC Mopol of handing out summon to their men to help hooligans to grab boxes at the surveying units they were loosing out.

The parties claimed promote that the bye decision was portrayed by vote purchasing, with the APC opening shops in surveying focuses to purchase votes.

Aside the question and answer session, the gatherings said it had, be that as it may, its dissensions to the INEC, and the security organizations to address the inconsistencies it saw in the race.

It especially called the consideration of President Muhammadu Buhari to set up an enquiry that would decide the level of savagery executed by the APC-drove organization which prompted a few passings of the peace and reputable nationals of the state

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