‘Ameh Madaki Your Statements Were Dangerously Misleading’ By Andy Obeya

Ameh Madaki, this isn’t time to play politics with the lives of Benue people. If you move around Benue communities, you will find a lot of Fulanis still carrying out their lawful businesses. Even my house is a mini Mecca for a lot of them till date, and so it has been for households in Benue.
No one is chasing the Fulanis away from Benue. We are clearly saying we can’t allow animals graze openly in the state anymore . Even Benue citizens with cows have either established ranches or sold their cows. Your sudden love for open grazing of cattle speaks volume because we couldn’t find your voice when communities were being wiped out.
It does not take rocket science to figure out that open grazing is unsustainable in this age. Moreover, you statements were dangerously misleading as you painted a picture of a sudden implementation of the law. There was time given between the passage of this law and the eventual implementation.


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