2019: Why Buhari should ought not recontest- Oni

Bishop of the Diocese of Ondo, Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) Stephen Oni, has approached President Muhammadu Buhari to stop his re-election offer in 2019.

Bishop Oni said the country needs a youthful and visionary individual not a man of 75-80years to bcome the next President of the nation in 2019 and kick the bucket in office.

Bishop Oni expressed this at the request of administration for the inauguration and establishment of new chancellor and different authorities of the Cathedral Church of St Stephen, Oke-Aluko, Ondo, Ondo State throughout the end of the week.

In his announcement entitled, ‘Duty, not title,’ the pastor regretted the reusing of old lawmakers he depicted as ‘rust brains’ in control at all levels of government in the nation, adding that legislators go to any length to sustain themselves in control.

He stated, “They want to kick the bucket in office. No big surprise, individuals have tossed alert into the air, we could see exemption all over.

“Commendable inheritance isn’t there, we are just reusing rust brains, they will return again with their photos, when they give you N1,000 with the prevalent serenade to ‘vote and cook soup’.

“I don’t anticipate that any 75 will 80 years of age still in government, what are they doing there? At the point when will they give their kids a place? The time of energy is between 25, 30 and 40; who will need to utilize in bank a 75-years of age man?

“Is it true that we are presently saying a 75-year-old ought to go to the National Assembly, what are they doing there? We require youngsters who have goals and exceedingly gutsy. In this way, let them permit them in.”

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