2019 Presidency: Why Lai Mohammed is High Priest of APC cult – Atiku

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Presidential applicant, Atiku Abubakar has depicted the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed as the “High Priest of the All Progressives Congress cult of fake news. ”

Abubakar said this in response to claim by Mohammed that the international media organisation had scrutinized his rise as the presidential hopeful of the PDP.

An announcement by Atiku’s Presidential Campaign Organization demanded that Mohammed was a “temperamental” liar.

The announcement stated: “The consideration of the Atiku Presidential Campaign Organization has been attracted to a supported news story on Vanguard daily papers of Saturday October 20, 2018, with the feature: ‘2019: International media inquiry development of Atiku over suspicious wellspring of riches.’

“In the said report, not one international media was cited. Or maybe, it was the famously unscrupulous All Progressives Congress pastor of data, Lai Mohammed, who was cited charging that that was what the universal media let him know.

“How anybody would take the expression of an affirmed liar, as Lai Mohammed, for the Gospel truth is past us.

“To demonstrate to you how temperamental Lai Mohammed is, at the address in the Royal Institute for International Affairs (Chatham House) with the point, ‘Nigeria’s National Unity: Towards Participation and Shared Values,’ which was his principle purpose behind going to London, Lai Mohammed stated: ‘We don’t have to do anything additional in light of the fact that we have conveyed on the entirety of our guarantees and Nigerians are very upbeat and happy with the administration.’

“How the clergyman of data of an administration that has transformed Nigeria into the world central station for outrageous neediness can state that is past creative energy. Is Mr. Mohammed guaranteeing that his gathering guaranteed and conveyed destitution and Nigerians are happy with this world record neediness?

“On the off chance that Lai Mohammed can lie transparently at Chatham House before the universal press and discretionary corps, is it a major thing for him to lie about his records with the global media?

“The genuine position of things is that as far back as the development of His Excellency, Atiku Abubakar, as the hopeful of the Peoples Democratic Party after the elective congress of the gathering on October 6-7, the universal media has been agog with acclaim for Mr. Abubakar and seek after another day break in Nigeria.

“Reuters adulated Atiku as having ‘since quite a while ago delighted in help from the business world class in Nigeria’s business capital Lagos for his preservationist industrialist beliefs’. They proceeded to additionally give him credit for his record in office by saying ‘as VP in a PDP organization from 1999-2007, (he) executed a program of progression in regions including the telecoms part.’

“The main strategy magazine on the planet, The Economist, depicted His Excellency, Atiku Abubakar, ‘as a business-accommodating hopeful who will get Nigeria’s economy going.’

“Not one single global paper, magazine, TV station or site has had anything negative to say in regards to the Waziri Adamawa’s development. That lie just exists in the deceptive creative energy of Lai Mohammed.

“Despite what might be expected, worldwide media and even trustworthy worldwide monetary organizations have anticipated fate for Nigeria should Muhammadu Buhari be re-chosen.

“As indicated by one of the world’s biggest banks, HSBC, ‘a second term for Mr Buhari anyway raises the danger of constrained financial advancement and further monetary weakening, drawing out the stagnation of his first term, especially if there is no move towards finishing change of the swapping scale framework or financial alterations that differentiate government incomes from oil.’

“All alone part, The Economist discounted the Buhari organization as a disappointment, saying: ‘The 2019 decisions will be a nearby challenge between the decision APC and the PDP. We expect the PDP presidential possibility to win.’

“Nigerians can never again be tricked by the Orwellian purposeful publicity that is the mark of this organization.

“The 2019 presidential race will be dictated by Nigerian voters and not by political seers. Nigerians will make an assurance whether to make due with inadequacy versus capability; cluelessness versus ability; joblessness versus work; anxiety versus commitment; disruptiveness versus solidarity; nepotism versus legitimacy and extremism versus comprehensiveness.”

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