2019 presidency: Shehu Sani faults critics of Obasanjo’s position on Buhari’s govt

Obasanjo had on Sunday freely reported that he is as yet made plans to neutralize President Muhammadu Buhari’s second term bid in 2019.

He announced his help for the presidential applicant of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP saying just a trick will be impartial when his nation was being annihilated with ineptitude, debasement, absence of center, frailty, nepotism, shameless exemption and disavowal of the self-evident.

The previous president has since gone under assaults in a few quarters over his position on Buhari’s administration.

Sani, responding, asked faultfinders who adulated Obasanjo while he sentenced past presidents to quit “tossing thistles at Obasanjo” in light of the fact that he is against their applicant.

The Kaduna official, on his Twitter page, stated: “When Obasanjo was whipping Abacha,IBB, Umaru and Goodluck Jonathan, You gave him blooms; And now he is lashing Baba,You are tossing thistles at him.

“The sweet chocolate in your mouth has swung to severe Kola. When you see Obasanjo lashing your foe with Koboko,pad your very own body with thick layers of cotton.”

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