2019 Presidency: Buhari uncovers where his votes will originate from.

President Muhammadu Buhari has said that pregnant ladies and ordinary Nigerians will vote him back to power in 2019 decision.

Buhari said he was not wanting to get any vote from the “big men” since they don’t turn out to vote during elections.

The President likewise said that he would perform better whenever given another chance.

Buhari additionally expressed that he had cautioned the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, and the security offices to guarantee that each vote counts in 2019.

He said he taught them that all Nigerians must be permitted to cast a ballot whoever they need without provocation.

NAN reports that Buhari talked on Thursday amid an intelligent session with a select gathering of Nigerian experts situated in the United States and Canada.

Buhari said he perceived that Nigerians in the diaspora were skilled individuals and approached them to go to the help of the nation, especially, in instruction.

The president additionally said that he was not moderate as a few people had expected, saying he was endeavoring to pursue the law, particularly as majority rule government is not quite the same as military run the show.

He reviewed that he place individuals in Kirikiri Maximum Prison in Lagos when he was a military head of state and after that guaranteed they stayed in authority until the point when they could substantiate themselves guiltless.

Buhari, notwithstanding, said his organization was gaining ground however needed to pass by the law guaranteeing that “on the off chance that I win the following decision and I survive the following four years, I will improve the situation”.

He additionally described his involvement in legislative issues saying that he experienced discretionary debasement 2013 when he began challenging for the administration and had at each point, sought after the case up to the Supreme Court yet lost.

“I’m constantly aware of the normal individuals since they are the ones that dependably vote in favor of me. A considerable measure of enormous men have no opportunity to go and line on hold for quite a long time.

“There were even pregnant ladies who were hanging in the balance for a considerable length of time and they conveyed. They are my voting public; they generally vote in favor of me,” Buhari said.

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