2019: Nigerians response to David Mark’s presidential ambition

Previous Senate President, David Bonaventure Mark, has mixed responses online over his aim to challenge the 2019 presidential decision.

Mark had through his campaign coordinator, James Oche, affirmed to DAILY POST that he would on September 4 (today), pick his presidential interest and nomination form ahead of the 2019 presidential decision.

David Mark, otherwise called ‘Okpokpowulu K’Idoma’ is said to be looking at the presidential seat on the stage of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, close by his successor, Bukola Saraki, Rabiu Kwankwaso, Atiku Abubakar and others.

His aim, has, anyway stirred disparate responses from a few Nigerians as they asked why Mark, who has been in control for a considerable length of time would need to manage Nigeria as President.

A few Nigerians were of the feeling that Mark’s expectation will represent a danger to other PDP aspirants particularly that of his successor, Saraki.

Here are some responses from Nigerians online.

@Da_extreme “David mark 8 years as Senate President, Atiku 8 years as Vice President, Bukola 4 years as Senate President, total years in power 20 years. Kindly tell me their tangible achievements that make them deserve to be our President?

@Noblemy men “Wahala don come, David mark picking up his own presidential ticket it’s a blow to all the PDP the aspirants that have been hawking their aspirations all this while I believe this is the real PDP man among them all.”

@MrAyeDee “Lol! David Mark running for President, between him, Atiku, Saraki and all the other aspirants who dubiously attained financial prosperity, one thing is certain, for those who make money from working for politicians, a cash tsunami is about to hit the PDP.

@FirstKingFrank “David Mark gat my vote anytime any day.The man that presided over the most peaceful senate in Nigeria history.”

@Simply_Anselem “David Mark was the president of the most organized,peaceful and uncontroversial Senate for years.
I would pick him over a Saraki any day.”

@JosephUllah1 “David Mark was a military Governor of Niger State, a senator for 19 years, Senate President for about 8 years, what does he really want to offer to the Nigerian project that he has not had the opportunity to already do so? The Presidency is not the only way to contribute to the Nigerian project.”

@Juicedaddy “So David Mark is going for the ticket too, this race will be a very tight one.It can do two things to the winner. Weaken his Arsenal after a strong battle, or prep him up for the War ahead.”

@Kunlebalogun “I have said this before, PDP members are so selfish and power drunk. Can’t they come out with a consensual candidate and lose in one piece instead of losing many pieces? Anyway, that’s good for the almighty APC.”

@Markmayel “All the corrupt politicians in Nigeria are heading to PDP. PDP has become a political party without GATE there is no common restrictions to corruptions). Some people political career will end by next year February.”

@1houdi “There’s no positive if Buhari, Saraki, David Mark or Atiku wins, they’re all cut out of the same cloth made of mediocrity. Nigeria is a business to them, they all intend to enrich their pockets and egos.”

@Myribadu “This is good for the Middle belt forum to make a political move rather than the empty noises it has always made. Let him widen his consultations, move out from the stereotype that held back northern Christians to see the whole Nigerians he served as a military officer as one.”

@Timonium17 “Atiku wants to contest, David Mark wants to contest, Buhari wants to contest, Saraki wants to contest. All of them have refused to retire yet Nigeria has never been this bad because of them.
Is it that there is nothing lucrative outside politics? Why do they all want to die there?

@Iam_Abbeynla “David Mark joins the presidential race! Could it be for the interest of the nation that many are contesting, I have my doubts. Keeping fingers crossed as the drama unfolds in the camp of the PDP.”

@Kayloaded1 “With David Mark joining the Presidential race, should we take PDP seriously at all?

@De_doyin “Sen. David Mark joins presidential race too, Nigerian politics is a joke. The way votes will be split in 2019, Buhari go enter again as I dey look am.”

@davi_Oyotule “I think among the PDP aspirant David Mark remains the most qualified candidate to me carry on my vote is you.”

@Enewa: This is the news I have been waiting for. Finally, the eagle has landed

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