2019: Melvin Ejeh the answers to Apa/Agatu.

Hon. Malvin Ejeh is the only person that can set APA/Agatu from prison of fear, the only real freedom is freedom from fear.

Malvin see a brilliant future for Apa/Agatu and his battle will be about the thoughts and rules that will enable his good people of Apa/Agatu to accomplish a more impeccable association.

With Malvin Ejeh the people of Apa/Agatu will see the benefit of democracy.

Apa, Malvin Ejeh is here for you………

Agatu, Malvin Ejeh is here for you……

With MALVIN EJEH the light will shine on us.

VOTE HON. MALVIN EJEH member Federal House of Representatives

Representing Apa/Agatu Federal constituency………..

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